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Kitchen cabinets are one of the major components of a great kitchen and are one of the first things that people notice and remember long after they visit your home. So, if your kitchen cabinets are already making your kitchen look old and worn, then perhaps it’s the perfect time to update their look. Cabinet refacing (or resurfacing) involves replacing the old doors and drawer faces with brand-new doors and drawer faces. The cabinets are then veneered and stained, or painted, to match the new components. In both cases, the existing cabinets remain intact

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First and foremost, let’s take a look at what cabinet refacing really is: It’s an affordable way to create a truly new looking kitchen at a fraction of the price. When you choose Cabinet Magic for your cabinet refacing needs, we use the frames of your cabinets and add new fronts, doors, drawers, etc. We use a factory finished three-ply hardwood paneling or wood veneer. We then match these custom-made pieces with decorative handles, new hinges – whatever you need. The result is a kitchen that looks brand new.

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